Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brickyard Total Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few more pictures before the renovation:

Here are some more pictures of the bright and sunny new kitchen:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kitchen: Cookie Cutter to Custom

These homeowners purchased their brand new home for top dollar about 6 years ago, before the real estate market went south.  Now, like so many others, the value of their home has depreciated by tens of thousands of dollars. In so many words, they are stuck. They live in a neighborhood that isn't completed yet which means it's nearly impossible to compete with prices the builders are offering on brand new homes.

The homeowners have decided to add character and custom touches throughout their home to help it stand out in the crowd of cookie cutters in the event they need to put their home on the market. Absolute Renovations came to the rescue with a custom tile floor and back-splash. We replaced a builder's grade vinyl floor with classic large tiles applied in a diagonal brick pattern. When laying tile on the diagonal it makes the space appear larger than it actually is.  The addition of very affordable white subway tile to the back-splash instantly sets this kitchen apart.

Fresh paint and the addition of lighting under and above the cabinets are the finishing touches that really make a difference in this kitchen.

In less than three days Absolute Renovations took this kitchen from Cookie Cutter to Custom!

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Total Kitchen Renovation

My team and I gave this kitchen a complete overhaul. New cabinets, back-splash, tile floor, etc. Pretty much everything you see here is brand new. The end result is a warm and inviting custom kitchen that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come. Does your kitchen need an overhaul? Call me and GET RENOVATED!

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A Fresh Start for a Foyer

The original floor was hardwood laminate. The homeowner wanted a change and decided to go with tile. They made an excellent color choice that flows really well with the color scheme of the foyer and surrounding areas. This color choice is key when working with an open area like a foyer or entryway. We gave a modern twist to a classic look by installing the large square tiles in a staggered brick pattern.

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